Whenever you want to install a new Thrive Theme Builder theme, you don't have to worry about it affecting the live website in any way. This is because, after uploading a new theme, you first have to activate it, in order for it to be applied to your live site.

If you need guidance with installing and activating a Thrive Theme Builder theme, make sure to check out this article, which provides all the steps and details for that.

We also have an article that explains all the steps to be taken when you want to import a new theme, and you can find it here.

After you import the theme, whether you choose to load one from the Thrive Cloud, or to import one from your computer, the theme will appear in the list of themes, but it will not be active.

You can find the theme in the "My Theme Library" section:

As you can see in the image above after you add it, a notification will pop-up, that lets you know that the theme has been added. Then, in order for your website to actually have this theme applied to it, you will have to activate it.

For that, click on the "Activate" option:

Only then, after you activate the theme, it will be live on your site. In conclusion, when you add a new theme, it will not affect your live website. In order for the theme to be applied to your site, you will have to activate the theme first.

If you need more information about Thrive Theme Builder, you can take a look at the articles and tutorials from our knowledge base.

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