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How to Add a New Theme in Thrive Theme Builder
How to Add a New Theme in Thrive Theme Builder

Adding a new Thrive Theme Builder theme in your dashboard.

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Themes are the essence of Thrive Theme Builder. The main goal of using Thrive Theme Builder is to have themes with customized templates that are perfectly suited for your pages/posts.

Adding a new theme can easily be done directly from your Thrive Theme Builder dashboard. Here is how:

Access the Thrive Theme Builder dashboard

First, you will have to access the Thrive Themes dashboard. To do that, go to your WordPress dashboard, hover over the “Thrive Dashboard” item from the left side menu, and click on “Thrive Theme Builder” from the sub-menu that opened:

Add the new theme

Clicking on the “Themes” section of your left navigation bar will open the theme library, where you can browse through the available themes:

Once you have reached the Thrive Theme Builder dashboard, you will be able to see the currently active theme in the dashboard. Look for the “+Add theme” button and click on it:

A pop-up window will open where you can add your new theme from:

The pop-up window contains two options, two ways in which you can add a theme: “Load from the Thrive Cloud” and “Import From File”.

Load from the Thrive Cloud

The first option allows you to add any theme directly from here.

In order to do that, click on the “Load from the Thrive Cloud” option:

Hover over the theme you want to add to your site and click on the “Download” button that appeared on it:

Once the theme is downloaded/imported it will automatically be added to your dashboard and you will see a notification letting you know that the theme was successfully imported:

All you have left to do is to activate the theme. Hover over the newly added theme in your library section and click on the “Activate” option that appears:

After you have done that, the theme you have just added will be activated and you can start customizing it to fit the pages of your website.

Import From File

The second option, the “Import From File” option is useful if you want to import a theme that you have previously exported from another one of your websites.

What this means, is that you may want to use on this website a theme that you have already bought, customized, and used on one of your websites. In order to do this, you will have to export the theme from the initial website first.

Then, you will have to come here to add that theme with the help of the “Import From File” option. In order to do that, click on the option from the pop-up:

Note: Please keep in mind that you will need to have the Thrive Theme Builder activated through the Thrive Product Manager, on your second website as well, to be able to add the theme with the “Import From File” option.

The “Import Theme” pop-up with your Media Library will open. If you have previously uploaded the theme here, then simply select it from the Media Library.

If you have not uploaded the theme yet, click on the “Upload Files” tab:

Next, either drop the file you have previously exported with the theme directly on the page or use the “Select Files” button to select it from your computer:

Once you do that, the file with the theme will be uploaded and selected automatically (if for some reason, it is not selected, you can click on it to select it):

Then, click on the “Import” button from the bottom right corner of the pop-up to add the theme:

After that, a notification will appear, letting you know that the theme has been added to the theme library and you can activate it, just as showcased above.

These were the two ways in which you can add a theme to your Thrive Theme Builder dashboard.

Check out the additional resources we have in our knowledge base if you want to learn more about Thrive Theme Builder:

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