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How to Preview and Save a Template in the Thrive Theme Builder Editor
How to Preview and Save a Template in the Thrive Theme Builder Editor

Previewing and saving the Thrive Theme Builder templates.

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After you edit a template in the Thrive Theme Builder editor, you have some saving options, on the bottom left side of the editor.

There are four main saving options. The first one is the simple "Save Work" one. The other three options will open when you click on the up arrow next to the "Save Work" option.

Save Work

The most accessible and fast way to save your template is to use the green "Save Work" button from the lower side of the editor:

Whenever you use Thrive Theme Builder to edit and customize your templates, the green “Save Work” button will permanently appear in the bottom left corner of your editor.

Feel free to use this option from time to time, while editing templates.

This can be considered a safety measure, just to make sure your content is being saved and you won’t lose the changes you’ve made due to external issues that might occur (e.g. your computer shuts down, internet connection failure, etc.).

Save and Preview

The next saving options will be visible if you click on the up arrow next to the "Save Work" option:

When you click on this arrow, a list with all of the rest of the save options will open:

The first one is the "Save and Preview" option:

If you choose this, the template will be saved, and then previewed immediately, in the same tab.


The page/post that will be opened when previewing the template will be the one chosen from the Content Drop-down.

Save and Return to Template Dashboard

The next option is the "Save and Return to Template Dashboard" one, and, just like its name says, when you click on it, the content will be saved, and the "Templates" section of the Thrive Theme Builder dashboard will open in the current tab.

If you want to do that, click on the second option from this list:

Exit without Saving

The last option is the "Exit without saving" one.

If you choose this one, the changes/modifications that you’ve made to the template will not be saved, so make sure that you do not use this option if you want to keep the modifications of the template.

However, if you decided that you do not want to keep the modifications, click on "Exit without saving" and the changes will not be saved.

Furthermore, just like in the “Save and Preview" case, the editor will close and you will be redirected to a preview of the page or post the template has been applied to.

If you want to exit the editor without saving, click on the last option here:

After you click on this, a new message will appear, where you can confirm that you want to exit without saving the changes:

Preview the Template

There are two ways in which you can preview a template. You can either choose the "Save and Preview" option, described above, or you can just use the "Preview" button from the bottom side of the editor:

When you do that, the template preview will open in a new tab, and it will be applied to the content chosen from the "Content Drop-down".

However, if you make any modifications to the template, and then preview it, you will not be able to see the modifications, only if you save everything first.

Remember that you can choose a certain platform (Desktop /Tablet/ Mobile) for previewing the template, by clicking on one from this section, on the bottom side of the editor:

This can come in handy when using the "Responsive" options.

Note: Remember that, if you use the three icons to preview the content on a specific device, the preview will be done directly in the editor.

However, when using the "Preview" option, next to the three device icons, the preview will open in a new tab.

You might also find this article useful, which explains what is the difference between previewing a page/post on a template and actually applying the template to a post/page.

These were the ways in which you can use the saving options of the Thrive Theme Builder editor, as well as how you can preview the template.

If you need more information about Thrive Theme Builder, you can find various articles and tutorials in this section of our knowledge base.

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