After you have created a campaign in Thrive Ultimatum and you have completed all the necessary steps and you have also enabled the Lockdown Feature, you should test your campaign is performing as you expected.

Below you will be able to see tutorial videos on how to test your Fixed Date, Recurring and Evergreen Campaigns in Thrive Ultimatum.

How to Test your Fixed Date Campaign

Here is a video on how to properly test the "Lockdown Feature" on your "Fixed Date

Campaign" in Thrive Ultimatum:

How to Test your Recurring Campaign

If you have created a Recurring Campaign, with the "Lockdown Feature" enabled, you can see how to properly test it, in the video below:

How to Test your Evergreen Campaign

‚ÄčAnd also, here is a video on how to properly test your "Evergreen Campaign" in Thrive Ultimatum, both if the Lockdown Feature is disabled and if it is enabled:

Make sure you follow all the steps mentioned in the videos, and check out the other tutorial videos in the plugin, to help you set up your campaign properly.

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