Campaign Card Quick Links and Stats

This article will guide your through the steps for using the campaign card's quick links and stats

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Once you have successfully created and started a campaign, you can look for the campaign's card in the Thrive Ultimatum dashboard:

On this card, you will find a couple of quick links, enabling you to quickly customize the campaign, and also statistical information about how the campaign is going.

Below you can see a video that will give you a quick overview of the Campaign Cards in Thrive Ultimatum:

Quick links

If you hover your mouse over your campaign's card, you will see the following buttons:

1) Display settings - click this button to see the campaign's display settings, which you can easily change.

2) Duplicate button - click this button to create an identical replica of this campaign. Configure the new campaign's options in this box and click "Copy":

3) Delete campaign - click this button to delete your campaign.

4) Drag & Drop - click and hold this button to rearrange campaign cards on your dashboard, in other words, to change the campaign's priority. Move the campaign card where you wish by using "Drag & Drop".

If visitors fulfill the starting condition of more than one campaign, they will see the countdown offer of the campaign that is set higher in the priority queue, which you can manage by using this button.

5) Archive this campaign - if you don't want to delete your campaign, but still be able to access it after a period of time, then you have the option of archiving it:

6) Start/Pause Campaign - this button indicates the current state of the campaign. Click it to start or to pause your campaign as needed.

7) Rename - click this quick link to easily rename the campaign.

Additional information

On the campaign card, you will also find additional information about the campaign. For example, if the campaign is an Evergreen or an Absolute campaign:

The "Evergreen" campaign is the one ​that is triggered by user actions, not by dates. On the other hand, the "Absolute" campaign does not depend on any trigger to start and​ will have a predefined start and end date.

You can also see information about how the campaign is performing. You can see in the image below the number of impressions and the conversion rate of the campaign:

This information is purely informative to give you a big picture of how the campaign is going. This data does not affect your campaign as the duration and end of it is not linked to the number of impressions or the conversion rate.

If the quick links or the extra information provided in the campaign card isn't enough, you can always click the green "Edit Campaign" button and edit the campaign so that it fulfills your conversion-focused website's needs.

You can read more about Thrive Ultimatum in our knowledge base archive.

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