After having created your first campaign, the last and most important step, is to design your countdown timer with the Thrive Architect editor.

1. Choose the Design Type

Thrive Ultimatum campaigns can be set to appear as top/bottom ribbons, in your sidebar, as widgets, or in your content, as shortcodes:

2. Choose a Template for Your Campaign

Click the "pencil" icon to ‚Äčedit a template for your campaign's design:

Now, select the template you would like to use from the entire list:

After you have chosen the template that you see fit, simply click on "Choose Template". Then, the Thrive Architect editor will open right up, allowing you to start editing the chosen template.

3. Edit the Design with Thrive Architect (TAr)

Editing your campaign with TAr is the same as editing any other page, or a Thrive Leads form. You can change colors, add extra elements, edit the text, button design, etc.

To edit an element from the template, simply select it, and then, the available options will show up on the sidebar editor.

For example, to start customizing the countdown timer found on the template, select it, and apply any options you see fit, from the sidebar editor:

In the same way, any of the elements found in the template can be edited. For example, if you click on the button, more options will show up on the sidebar editor:

One option that you need to use is "Animation & Action". This allows you to link the button to the next page you want to send your user to.

In this way, you can choose the "hyperlink" option and just search for the redirect page from your website or insert the redirect URL:

The same can be done with the help of the "Button Link" option, located in the "Main Options" section:

However, you can find in-depth tutorials both on how to use the "Button Link" option and the "Animation & Action" option.

You can, of course, edit the look and feel of the entire form. Set the background color, use a background image/pattern, add a border to the form, etc.

To bring changes to the entire background of the form, simply click on it, and use the options available on the sidebar editor:

You can find out how all of the features in Thrive Architect work, here: Thrive Architect Knowledge Base.

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