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How to Create a Gain Customer Insights Quiz Template
How to Create a Gain Customer Insights Quiz Template

This article will explain how to use and customize the Gain Customer Insights Template for your quizzes

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Thrive Quiz Builder comes complete with some preset quiz types to help you get your quiz up and running as fast as possible:

You can access these by creating a new quiz from the Thrive Quiz Builder dashboard:

In the window that opens, choose the "Gain Customer Insights" template and then click on the “Continue” button:

Why Use a Gain Customer Insights Template?

When you choose the “Gain Customer Insights” template, you will basically create a survey type of quiz.

Therefore, after the participant has completed the quiz, the “Results Page” will not show a specific result for each participant in the quiz based on their answers but instead, it will display the same message for everyone who completed the quiz.

Here is what the list building campaign quiz structure looks like:

As you can see from the screenshot above, the quiz structure includes a Splash Page and a Results Page. The "Opt-in Gate" is not included by default because the main objective of a "Gain Customer Insights" template is to collect information.

All the above pages are editable and can be customized based on how you wish your quiz to look like.

For example, the "Results Page" will display a "Thank you" message in the design that you've chosen when editing the page:

However, the displayed text is fully customizable, so you can decide what the "Result Page" will show after the user has completed the quiz.

Why Does This Quiz Structure Work so Well for Gaining Customer Insights?

This template is helpful if you want to assess your participants' opinions with regards to different aspects of your product/service.

The “Questions” are the most important part of a “Gain Customer Insights” quiz template because they will help you gather information in an organized way.

You can choose between three different types of questions available in the dashboard, depending on what suits you best:

You can include "Multiple Choice" type of questions in your quiz if you want the participant to choose from a set of predefined answers, and you can also include "Open Ended Questions", which would give them the possibility to write down their own answers.

This "Gain Customer Insights" quiz template will allow you to create a survey in an easy manner, as well as collect and synthesize the data for further use.

Should you need more information about the Thrive Quiz Builder, feel free to check out this section of our knowledge base.

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