In order to improve your conversion rate, the Thrive Quiz Builder plugin gives you the possibility to run A/B tests between variations that you set up on your Splash Page, Opt-in Gate, or on your Results Page.

What is an A/B Test?

An A/B test consists of comparing two versions of a web page to see which one performs better. The two versions of your web page are shown to similar visitors at the same time. The one that gives a better conversion rate, wins the A/B test.

In our case, the elements which are tested against each other are the Thrive Quiz Builder types of pages mentioned above.

How to Set Up an A/B Test

First of all, the page where you can create variations for your A/B test can be accessed whether if you are clicking on the "Manage" button from the Splash Page card, the Opt-in Gate card, or the Results Page card:

For example, if we access the Splash Page, a default variation called "Control" will be available, to which we can bring different design modifications.

However, if we want to make sure we are building the best Splash Page, we can test the "Control" variation against one or more variations created by ourselves. In order to add a new test variation, simply click on the button highlighted below:

By clicking on the highlighted button you will have to give the newly added variation a name and it will be listed under the default "Control" variation:

If you want to add multiple variations, you can go on and repeat the procedure mentioned above.

However, in order to start an A/B test between the "Control" variation and the variation that you have added, simply click on the "Start A/B Test" button.


In order for the A/B test to work, content has to be added to both of the variations. In order to make the A/B test efficient, the content has to be different from a variation to the other in at least one aspect.

Another way to create variations for your Splash Page is by using the "Clone" button:

This way an identical copy of your original Splash Page will be created and you can go in and edit only certain parts of it.

By clicking on the button to start the A/B test, a window will pop on your screen in which you can fill in a test name (1) and also add some notes about the test (2):

Below on that window, you will also notice an "Automatic Winner Settings" option, and if you enable it, you will be able to set the minimum conversions, the minimum duration (days), and the chance to beat the default variation:

However, if the "Automatic Winner Settings" are not enabled, the A/B test will continue until you will manually stop it.

Nevertheless, after you have set up your A/B test the way you like, you can go on and start it, by clicking on the green "Start Test" button.

By doing that, the page will now show you all the data that your variations have received, in our case, how many users have accessed the quiz from our Splash Page so far:

Also, whenever you want to stop the test and choose a winner, you can go on and click on the "Stop Test And Choose Winner" button:

You will be prompted to choose a winner:

Or, you can stop certain variations, by using the "Stop variations" button, and this way, we won't send any further traffic to the "losing" variation:

But the A/B test will continue until you either have only one variation or manually stop the A/B test.

In the same way, we have conducted an A/B test on the Splash Page, it can be done on the Opt-in Gate or on the Results Page.

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