In this article, we will cover what quiz styles are and how you can select your quiz-style during the setup process.

What are Quiz Styles?

Quiz styles bring a consistent look across all of the elements of the quiz. This means that your splash page, the questions, the opt-in gate and the results page can all have the same design. This is very important for a good visitor experience.

Here is an example of one of the quiz styles:

How to Select your Quiz Style

When you set up your new quiz builder campaign, you will be asked to select your quiz style:

You can simply click on "Choose quiz style" and a settings lightbox will be displayed:

You can simply browse the list of styles that are available and select the one that takes your fancy. Click "Choose Style" when you're done:

You will then see the selected style appear in the dashboard:

Changing your Quiz Style

You can change the quiz style at any time during the creation of the quiz.

If you do change the quiz style, it's advisable that you run back through the different sections of the quiz in order to make sure that any customizations that you've made still look correct.

This is how you can easily pick a style for your quiz. If you need more information about Thrive Quiz Builder, we do have an entire section about it in our Knowledge Base, that can be found here.

Besides the articles about the Quiz Builder, you can read about the rest of the Thrive Themes products in our Knowledge Base.

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