This article will go through the steps of adding a finished quiz to your website.

Using Thrive Architect

If you have Thrive Architect then we have good news for you. Thrive Quiz Builder is fully integrated so you can publish your quiz anywhere in a few clicks.

Here's how you do it:

1) Drag and Drop the Quiz Builder Element into your Content

When Quiz Builder is active on your WordPress site, you will find a new element in your Thrive Architect sidebar editor:

This behaves just like any other element, you can simply drag the "Quiz" element into your content where you want the quiz to appear.

2) Select the Quiz that you want to Display

Once added to your content, you will see this:

As you can see, you can search among your quizzes and select the one you want to display on the page:

After selecting it, your quiz will be inserted into the content and you can move it around just like any other element in Thrive Architect.

Also, you will be able to change the quiz, simply by going on the sidebar editor and clicking on "Change Quiz". A drop-down will all your available quizzes will show up, allowing you to make your choice:

Moreover, you can enable or disable the "Enable quiz scroll" option, if you want to:

If this option is enabled, after someone answers a question from the quiz, the page will auto-scroll to the next question.

Using WordPress Shortcodes

If you don't have Thrive Content Builder then you can still publish your quiz using standard WordPress shortcodes. Here's how you do it:

1) Copy the Quiz Shortcode​

You can get the quiz shortcode from one of two places.

Firstly, you can get it from the quiz dashboard:

Click on the top right corner of the quiz that you would like to insert (a tooltip with the label "Shortcode" will appear). You will be prompted with the following lightbox:

Click the "Copy" button and then "Done".

Alternatively, you can also copy it from within the dashboard of the quiz itself.

You can simply click the "Copy" button from the top right-hand corner of the screen:

2) Paste the Shortcode into the WordPress Editor

Once you've copied the shortcode, you can simply paste it into the normal WordPress editor, like you would any other shortcode:

Your quiz is now ready. This is how quickly and easily you can add a quiz to any of your posts or pages available on your website.

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