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Thrive Optimize - Quick Start Tutorial
Thrive Optimize - Quick Start Tutorial
A quick-start tutorial on how to use Thrive Optimize on your website to find out which pages perform best and get more revenue
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The main idea behind Thrive Optimize was to create a Thrive Architect add-on that will help you test different pages (variations of pages) of your website. With the help of Thrive Optimize, you can find out which one performs best, which one gets more conversion and/or revenue.

How to use Thrive Optimize in a nutshell:

First, customize the page that you would like to test. Then, create a new A/B test, duplicate the page, and when you will hover over the cloned page, you will see the "Edit variation" option.

Click on it and make the necessary modifications, depending on what it is that you would like to test. If you wish, you can add more variations to your test, not only two:

After that comes the setting up part. Click on the "Set up & Start A/B test" option from the upper right corner of the page. You will have to personalize your test: give it a name, a short description and you can "Enable Automatic Winner Settings":

The next step is to set the goal of your test. There are three possible goals you can choose from:

  • Revenue - tracks revenue and it is completed through goal pages.

  • Visit goal page - tracks how effectively your page is getting people to click through to a goal page.

  • Subscription - it measures how many people sign up through your opt-in forms.

When you have finished setting up the A/B test, all you have left to do is to click on the "Start A/B test" button and wait to see which pages are the winners:

The video at the beginning of the article explains in more detail how to use Thrive Optimize. If you need more info on this subject, please watch the video and check out the other tutorials here.

Hopefully, this article was useful for you. If so, please give us a smile below :)

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