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GDPR Explicit Consent Checkbox: How to Deliver an Opt-in Offer to All But Only Add Consentant Subscribers to Your Email List
GDPR Explicit Consent Checkbox: How to Deliver an Opt-in Offer to All But Only Add Consentant Subscribers to Your Email List

Read this article if you want to learn more about the GDPR explicit consent checkbox in Thrive Leads

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The user interface of the "Lead Generation" element has been upgraded! Please, check out the changes here, before using the element.

When you have an opt-in form on your website that only advertises an opt-in offer such as a free download, you need to add a checkbox to ask for explicit consent to also send your email newsletter to those subscribers.

Adding a checkbox is just one way to make your forms GDPR compliant (and we don't believe it's usually the best way), but if that's the solution you want to implement you need to be aware of one thing: you cannot force consent.

This means that you have to deliver your free opt-in offer to everyone who subscribes, even those people who do not want to receive any further communication from you.

Here's how to set this up in Thrive Leads.

Thrive Leads' Asset Delivery Feature

In Thrive Leads, you have the Asset Delivery feature. This feature allows you to send a single email with a download link to a subscriber through an email delivery service (such as Postmark or Mandrill).

When using this feature, the subscriber does not get added to an email list so you won't be able to send email newsletters with this solution.

That's why it's perfect for GDPR.

How to Add Only People Who Gave Explicit Consent to Your Email Marketing Service?

Now that you understand how we're going to deliver the PDF to our subscribers, it's time to discover how we'll "block" non-consenting subscribers from getting added to our email list.

This is done with the conditional logic included in the "Explicit Consent Checkbox" in Thrive Leads. This option allows you to only send those who ticked the box to your email marketing service.

Asset Delivery + Email Marketing Service with Explicit Consent

Grouping the explicit consent checkbox and the asset delivery feature will allow you to deliver your opt-in offer to all and keep your email list GDPR compliant with only constant subscribers.

Here are the steps to set this up:

  1. Connect an email delivery service through API with your Thrive Themes dashboard (you'll only have to do this once). You can find video tutorials on how to do that here. We suggest setting up Postmark because it's free.

  2. Create a new opt-in form in Thrive Leads (or edit an existing form)

  3. Connect your form with your email marketing service (as usual)

  4. Enable Asset Delivery

  5. Enable the Explicit Consent Checkbox

  6. Set up the conditional logic related to the checkbox.

And here's the video tutorial:

How To Do This on a Landing Page (using Thrive Architect)

Asset delivery is an option that's only available in Thrive Leads. This means that if you're setting up a checkbox on your landing pages (and you're using the lead generation element from Thrive Architect) you won't be able to enable Asset Delivery.

Because of the way the system works, it's impossible to not send the information to your email marketing service if you have only one service connected. In that case, the visitor will not be able to subscribe at all when he does not tick the box. The checkbox is required.

In this case, we suggest rewording your opt-in offer so that it is GDPR compliant, rather than using the checkbox.

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