The user interface of the "Lead Generation" element has been upgraded! Please, check out the changes here, before using the element.

A frequently asked question is: does Thrive Leads support the Ontraport marketing automation system? The answer is: yes, it does! Here's a video that walks you through the setup process:

To connect Ontraport you first need to login to your account, after you logged in click your email in the top right corner and select administration from the drop-down.

On the administration page, in the left sidebar, locate the "INTEGRATIONS" sections and click "ONTRAPORT API Instructions and Key Manager".

On the API Keys page click "New API key" on this page:

You will need to complete the API Application, and then set the name of your key and select the owner of the key, make sure you provide the necessary permissions to the user.

Now you need to save your key, after you saved your key you will be redirected to your API key list, here you need the "APP ID" and the "APP Key".

Now that you have your "APP ID" and "APP Key" you need to head on over to your WordPress administration panel, and click on Thrive Dashboard.

Press the Manage Connections button of the API connections card:

Then, click on the "Select an app" drop-down, and choose "Ontraport":

After that, you need to paste your API ID and API key and click on "Connect":

You will get a success message if everything went ok. You can edit or remove this connection on the "API Manager" page.

Connect your account to Thrive Leads

Now, you're all set to connect the Ontraport account to Thrive Leads. For that, access the Thrive Leads dashboard, and find the Lead Group that contains the form you want to connect to Ontraport.

Click on it, to expand it. Then, when you see the type of form that contains your opt-in form, click on "Edit":

You might have multiple forms of the same type. Look for the one that you want to connect to Ontraport, and click on the pencil icon:

The form will open in the Thrive Architect editor. You will then be able to select the "Lead Generation" element and connect it to your account.

Click on the element, in the editor, to open its options in the left sidebar:

Next, click on "Add Connection":

A pop-up will open, and you have to click on the down arrow to open the list of available connections:

Here, choose Ontraport:

After that, choose the Campaigns/Sequences, and then click on "Apply":

After setting this up, you can continue with adding form fields, and deciding what happens after someone submits the form. These options are described in more detail here.

This is how easily you can connect Thrive Leads to Ontraport.

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