If you decide to use Landing Page templates when building your website using Thrive Architect, you can very quickly change the fonts and typography settings of the template.

You can do this in two ways:

First of all, you can access the "Settings" option from the right sidebar of the Thrive Architect editor:

Then, if you choose the "Global" option, you will be able to find the font settings of the Landing Page and customize the fonts:

The entire process for this has been described here, so you can take a look if you want.

The second way to edit the fonts of a Landing Page is by clicking on "Page", in the breadcrumbs, when you open the page in the Thrive Architect editor:

Then, in the left sidebar, some options of the Landing Page will appear. Click on the "Typography" section to expand it:

Once the section has expanded, click on the "Edit landing page typography" option:

This will open a pop-up with all of the available elements, for which you can change the typography options, one by one:

Click on each of the elements, to customize the fonts. You can use all of the options from the left sidebar, in order to customize each of the items exactly as you wish:

All of the Typography options from the left sidebar are described here.

When you're done customizing these elements, click on the green "Close" button:

The modifications will automatically be applied to the Landing Page template, and you can apply all of the different text styles from the panel options:

These were the ways in which you can use the Landing Page Typography settings.

If you need more information about various Thrive Architect features, please take a look at our knowledge base.

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