In this article, you will be able to find out how you can load a Landing Page, with the help of the Thrive Architect plugin.

More specifically, how to load a Landing Page on a newly created page from your website, and also, on an existing page with some content added to it.

Loading a Landing Page on a New Page

In order to build a Landing Page, you need to create a new page, first of all, from the WP Admin Dashboard, by going to Pages > Add New:

Give your new page a title:

After you have given it a title, save the page as a draft:

Then, select the "Edit with Thrive Architect" button:

Now that you're in editing mode, you'll notice the right sidebar. Look for the “Change Template” option (the second one from the right sidebar) and once you have it, click on it:

This will open a pop-up from where you will have to choose whether you want to build a normal page or a Landing Page. Choose the "Pre-built Landing Page" option:

Then, a lightbox will open, with a selection of Landing Page templates that you can choose from, for your newly created page.

Loading a Blank Page Template

Moving forward, if you want to build your page from scratch, without any theme elements from the page, you can do that. In the Landing Page Library pop-up, you will find a "Blank" template:

Loading a Predefined Template

Naturally, you may not want to build your page from scratch. In this case, you can choose one of the many predefined Landing Page templates to save time and effort!

Just scroll through the Landing Page template sets, choose the one that you see fit, and then, select a certain template from that set:

After you have selected the one that best suits your needs, click on the “Apply Template” button from the bottom right corner of the window and the Landing Page template will be loaded on your page.

Loading a Landing Page on an Existing Page

If you already have an existing page, and you just want to transform it into a Landing Page, you can do just that, in a very easy way!

All you have to do is to follow the above-mentioned steps for changing the template of your page.

While you are editing your page with Thrive Architect, first access the “Change Template” option from the right sidebar:

Then, after choosing the "Pre-built Landing Page" option from the first pop-up, select the Landing Page template that you wish to use for your page from the Landing Page Library.

There are two tabs you can choose the Landing Page Template from: the “Default Templates” tab and the “Saved Landing Pages” tab.

Once you have found the right template, click on “Choose Template” and it will be loaded on the page.

Watch the video below, which will walk you through the entire process:

Revert to Theme Page

In case for some reason, you want to revert your page to the Theme Page you had before loading the Landing Page template, you can use the “Revert to Theme” option.

You can find this in the right sidebar, if you access the “Landing Page Settings” section, from the “Settings” menu (gear icon):

After you have accessed it, you just have to click on the “Revert to Theme” option to change your page back to the initial theme page with the initial content:

Note: Please keep in mind that if you use this option and revert the page to the Theme Page, then, you will lose the custom content that you have added to the page while the Landing Page template was loaded on it.

If you need more info on how other options and elements work in Thrive Architect, please check out this Knowledge Base section.

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