If you are editing a landing page with Thrive Architect then, you can use the “Global Fonts” option to save time while personalizing the texts on it.

With the help of this option, you have the possibility to customize the various types of texts (headings, paragraphs, hyperlinks, plain texts) that appear on your landing page at the same time.

Here is how you can do that:

While you're editing your Landing Page with Thrive Architect, go to the right sidebar and access the “Settings” menu by clicking on the gear icon:

Then, click on the “Global” section to open it:

Once you have accessed the “Global Settings” look for the “Font” option and click on the box belonging to it, or the edit icon from the box to start customizing your texts:

This will open up a pop-up window with all the heading & paragraph types you can add to a page:

For instance, we'll click on the "Example H2 Heading" item and go through all the available options. All the changes that we'll make will be applied to all the H2 headings found on the page.

If you want to bring changes to an individual heading from your Landing Page, simply look for it on the page, select it and make any changes you see fit, by using the options found on the sidebar.

Additional information about the Landing Page fonts can be found in this article from our Knowledge Base.


This option will allow you to make changes regarding text properties, such as Font Size, Text Align, Text Style, Font Face, Line Height, etc. Basically, all the options that you can find in the Paragraph/Text element tutorial:

Layout & Position

This option will allow you to apply margins and paddings to all your H2 elements on the page:

If you're not familiar with this option, don't forget to check out the tutorial for the Layout & Position option!

Background Style

With this option you can add a certain background style layer (a Solid color, an Image, the Gradient option, or a Pattern) to your H2 heading:

Borders & Corners

This option allows you to apply borders to your H2 headings from the page and also adjust the corners of those borders:

The same as above, if you're not familiar with this option, don't forget to check out the tutorial for the Borders & Corners option!


You can also apply a beautiful design layout to your H2 headings by using the Shadow option:

You can check out the tutorial for the Shadow option, as well!

Apply To All Headings

In the case you want to apply a certain font face or any other option to all of the headings/paragraphs on the page - You can do that!

To apply multiple options ONLY to the headings on the page, simply click on one of the heading types from this list, select the "All Headings" breadcrumb and apply the changes:

Of course, you can apply changes to ALL of the text from the page too. To do this, simply select the "All Texts" breadcrumb and apply the changes:

Apart from the settings available for the paragraphs and headings on the page, you can also change the color of the hyperlinked text from the Landing Page.

All you have to do is click on the "This is a hyperlink" text from the pop-up window and use the options from the sidebar panel:

You can bring modifications to the default hyperlinked text, or to the hover state. The hover state means that the options made there will be visible only when the user will hover over a hyperlinked text:

For example, we'll consider a blue hyperlinked text - But in the hover state, we'll change the color to red, leaving the other options the same as the default ones:

This is how the user experience will look like now when he will hover over a hyperlink text:

Note: Besides using the "Global" settings to customize the typography of your Landing Pages, you can also use the "Typography" settings from the Landing Page Options.

You can find out more information about how to do that, in this article.

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