When you're creating a landing page, you may wish to include custom scripts in the header, body, or footer of your page (for instance to track conversions).

You can do this quickly and easily in Thrive Landing Pages with the following steps:

Using the Custom Scripts Option

While you're editing your landing page, access the “Settings” menu by clicking on the gear icon in the right sidebar:

Then, click on the “Advanced Settings“ option to open it:

Once you have accessed the “Advanced Settings”, choose the “Custom Scripts” option, by clicking on it:

This way you will open the section where you can add Custom Scripts to your landing page:

Anything you insert into these fields will appear on the landing page in the corresponding header, body, or footer section.

Thus, you can add your custom scripts in the respective fields and they will be added to your website.

If you are interested in adding your script to all the Thrive Architect landing pages that you have created, you can do that, by following the instructions in the "How to Use the Landing Pages Analytics & Scripts Manager" article.

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