In the Reports area you will be able to see a chart with all the comments that were posted on your website, vote engagements, as well as the most active commenters, popular posts and most upvoted comments.

The option, which is found on the navigation bar, will send you to an area separate from the Thrive Comments Dashboard:

Right off the bat, you can show up different data reports by using the "Show report" drop-down found on the top left hand side of the page:

Comments Graph

This option allows you to see all the comments that were submitted by the users on your website, in a period of time:

As you can see, the comments are divided into a few categories, depending on their current status (approved, replied, featured, etc.).

By default, you will see comments from your entire website. However, you can choose to see only comments from a certain post / page:

Also, you can change the date interval, by clicking on the "Date interval" drop-down, select a certain date, or choose a custom date range:

The "Graph interval" can be set up as well, through its specific drop-down (Daily, weekly, monthly):

You also have the option to include / exclude moderator comments from the reports, leaving you with only the comments received from visitors:

Vote Engagements

Similar to the Comments Graph, the Vote Engagements show you a chart with all the votes that were given on your website:

As same as before you can choose if you want to view vote engagements from your entire website, or just certain posts / pages, along with the date and graph intervals.

Most Active Commenters

With this option you can see the most active comment authors on your website:

As you can see, along with the number of comments for each of the users, the plugin will display the emails along with the names that the users typed in when they have submitted the comment.

The date interval can be set up for this type of report, as well, by using its specific drop-down.

This option will show you which are the most popular posts on your website, in terms of the number of comments:

On the left hand side you will find the post title and on the right you will find the equivalent number of comments.

Most Upvoted Comments

The last option in the "Show report" drop-down allows you to see all the comments which were the most upvoted ones:

To return to the Thrive Comments Dashboard or to the Comments Moderation Dashboard, you can simply select one of the options found on the navigation bar:

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