The Comment Conversion feature allows you to choose what happens after a visitor leaves a comment on your website.

The feature can be accessed from the Thrive Comments dashboard:

Moving forward, from the moment you click on the toggle, the Comment Conversion feature will show up, being displayed as a new section on the dashboard.

You will then see that the Comment Conversion feature consists in two parts: what happens after the visitor comments for the first time​ and what happens after the visitor returns with another comment.

In this way, when visitors comment on your post for the first time, you can focus on turning them into users on your website.

On the other hand, when visitors return with more comments, you can focus on offering them a continuous positive experience on your website.

Available actions: ​regardless of how many times the visitor has commented, you have the following available actions:

The "Thank You" Message

By choosing this option, you can display a custom message, that will be displayed after the visitor has commented on your page:

As you can see, you can type in your preferred success message. You can also use the {commenter_name} label - ​this will basically take the name that the visitor has used and will display it in the success message.

This is how the visitor will see the message, on the front-end of your site:

Social Share

As the name suggests, this option will give the visitor the opportunity to share the post after he has submitted his comment:

As you can see, the default text is social sharing oriented, but you can modify it as you please. Also, you have all the major social networks displayed below the message. You can choose which one of them you want to display on the front-end.

This is how the visitor will see the message if all the social sharing icons are selected:

This action will show the visitor a success message along with a few related posts from your website:

As you can see, you can also show featured images along with the related posts. However, if you enable this option, make sure you have featured images attached to your posts.

If you don't enable the option, the front-end layout will still have a pleasant design, looking like this:

The "Redirect" Option

This option simply allows you to send visitors to a certain URL after they have submitted a comment on your website.

You will have a field, where you can enter the URL. However, the field also works as a search bar, that looks for posts/pages from your website:

Now, the second a new comment is submitted, the visitor will be sent straight to the URL/page that you have chosen.

Opt-in Form

Note: This option is only available if you have Thrive Leads installed on your website:

However, if Thrive Leads is installed on your website, you will be able to display a ThriveBox ​​opt-in ​form right after the visitors submit their comments on the page.

Then, in Thrive Comments you will have a field that you can use to search among your available ThriveBoxes:

If you have no ThriveBoxes available, you will receive the following message:

As you can see, you can "Click here to create one in Thrive Leads" - ​this will send you to Thrive Leads and you will be able to start creating your ThriveBox.

On the front-end, after the comment has been submitted, the user will see the opt-in form, along with the ThriveBox animation that you have chosen in Thrive Leads.


The key of mastering the Comment Conversion feature is to focus on using different actions for visitors that comment for the first time vs. visitors that return with a comment.

This is how the Comment Conversion works. You can read more about the other Thrive Comments features by accessing our Knowledge Base archive here.

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