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How to Get Started With Thrive Comments
How to Get Started With Thrive Comments
Step-by-step tutorial for getting started with Thrive Comments
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Welcome to Thrive Comments! In this article, you will be able to see how the plugin works on your website and how it interacts with the default WordPress comments.

Before actually starting to use the plugin, there are several actions still to be done, directly from your WordPress admin dashboard.

Enable Thrive Comments

To enable Thrive Comments on your website, you have to go to the "General Settings" of your plugin. Select Thrive Comments from the left sidebar, and then, in the dashboard that opens, click on "General Settings":

Expand the section and switch on the toggle next to "Activate Thrive Comments sitewide":

You can also use the remaining settings and customize the plugin to your liking:

Here's an article that might help you if you want to learn more about the "General Settings".

How Does the Plugin Work

Basically, the Thrive Comments plugin replaces the standard WordPress comments from your website. Just as the WordPress comments, Thrive Comments will be available on all of your blog posts and pages.

Make Sure that your Blog Posts/Pages allow Comments

First of all, you need to enable the display of comments on blog posts and pages. Here's how you can enable it for your blog posts (but keep in mind that the same process applies when enabling the comments on pages as well).

In your WordPress admin dashboard, go to Posts > All Posts:

Then "Edit" one of the available posts:

On the page that opens, look for the "Discussion" section of the right sidebar:

Expand the section and then make sure that the "Allow comments" checkbox is selected:


Thrive Comments is also available as an element in Thrive Architect. You can simply drag and drop the element onto your canvas, just like you would do with any other Thrive Architect element.

"What Will Happen with the WordPress Comments?"

That is a fair question. Here's what's going to happen: the changes you bring to the WordPress comments (available in the "Discussion" section of your WordPress settings) will be inherited by Thrive Comments:

And also, if you bring changes to the Thrive Comments options, and some of these options are found in the WordPress comments settings then the Thrive Comments options will overwrite the WordPress comments options.

Customizing Thrive Comments

After you activate the plugin on your website, you can go ahead and access it. In your WordPress admin dashboard, hover over Thrive Dashboard and select Thrive Comments:

You can basically go through each of these sections and configure the plugin as you best see fit:

You also have the option of accessing the "Comments Preview" dashboard, directly from the Thrive Comments dashboard, and see what has changed on the comments interface:

In this way, with this feature, you will be able to see how your comments look both on a desktop and on a mobile interface:

We have separate articles for all the settings available in the Thrive Comments dashboard, which can be found in this dedicated section of our knowledge base.

S​​​​​tart using Thrive Comments

Once the plugin is active, it will basically replace the default WordPress comments.

Furthermore, you can also use the "Thrive Comments" element from Thrive Architect to display comments anywhere on your website.

To do that, simply open the list of elements in the editor and drag and drop the "Thrive Comments" element to your content:

From here onwards, you can use the left sidebar options to customize its color and position:

Hopefully, this quick introduction to Thrive Comments was useful to you. Make sure to also check out the remaining articles from this section, if you want to learn more about this plugin.

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