The "Customize Style" feature allows you to make a couple of basic changes to the design of the front-end comments interface.

You can access the feature straight from the Thrive Comments dashboard:

By clicking on the toggle, the "Customize Style" feature will show up, being displayed as a new section on the dashboard.

Notice the Comments Preview area on the right hand side of the dashboard. This will show how all of the styling options you change will look on the front-end interface:

We'll start from the top: You can customize the accent color for the comments:

This will only affect the name of the page author, if he is leaving a comment, as well as the hyperlinked texts and the "Reply to comment author" text:

Moving forward, you can choose if you want to display avatars next to the comment authors:

As you can see, if the avatars are disabled, you will be able to see this in the Comments Preview, as well:

Moving forward, the next option is available only if avatars are enabled - you can choose a default avatar which will be assigned to the visitors without a Gravatar account:

By clicking on "Choose Image", the WordPress Media Library will show up, allowing you to choose any image you see fit.

The next option allows you to set how the comment date should look like:

As you can see, the available settings are:

  • Absolute Dates - e.g. April 22nd 2014 - This is set up depending on your WordPress "Date Format" Settings (Settings > General)

  • Relative Time - e.g. two days ago / 6 months ago / 1 year ago

  • Hide Date

And, last but not least, you can display the "Power by Thrive Comments" label at the bottom of the commenting section:

This is how it will show up on the front-end:

​Make sure to check out the other Thrive Comments ​articles available in our Knowledge Base, if you want to learn more about the plugin!

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