Since the “Custom Menu” element is a complex one, there used to be a few issues when using it.

We wanted to make the user-experience with this element as good as possible, so we implemented various improvements and new features to the “Custom Menu” element, in the latest version of Thrive Architect.

Such improvements/features are related for example to:

  • styling the drop-down menus
  • improving the animations
  • styling icons at a menu level
  • or improving the switching from a WordPress menu to a Custom one.

Since there are several aspects of this element that have been modified, you might encounter difficulties, or you might find that adjustments are required for the already existing menus, that were added to your website prior to this update.

We are dedicated to help you with every such issue that might appear, in the shortest time possible. Therefore, in case you encounter difficulties with the “Custom Menu” element, after the update, please open a support ticket here and make sure to write [Custom Menu] in the title.

This way a designated support technician can quickly find the ticket and start to work with you in order to fix the respective issue(s).

In case you have any other questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us on our forum.

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