The greatest benefit of adding social share buttons to your page is that this can increase its online presence.

Here is how you can do that using the "Social Share" element in Thrive Architect.

Add the Social Share element

First, you will have to add the element to the page. Click on the plus sign from the right sidebar of the editor to open the list of elements. Look for the "Social Share" element and when you found it, drag & drop it to your page:

Then, personalize it using its "Main Options" from the left sidebar:

Type & Style

You can choose from three types of buttons. The first one is "Icon only", which means only the icons will be displayed, without any additional information.

The second one, "Icon+text" will also show the share text next to the icons; while the third one, the "Counter", will display the icons and a counter next to them, showing how many times has the website been shared on those specific platforms:

You can click on these types to see how they would look like on your page and simply leave the one you like best selected.

The same goes for the style of the buttons. If you click on the edit button (pencil icon) from the "Style" section, a drop down will open with more styles in it. Select the one you find most suitable for your page and then, click on "Apply":

Orientation & Size

If you want to change the orientation of the buttons, meaning that you want them displayed vertically, rather than horizontally (or vice-versa), just click on the "Horizontal" or "Vertical" box from here:

Furthermore, if you want to change their size, drag the slider under the "Size" option or enter a value manually in the box that is next to it:

Social Networks

If you click on the blue "Change" button from the "Social Networks" option, you have the possibility to select which networks you want to display in the element. You just have to check or uncheck the box next to the name of the networks, and click on "Apply":

You can also access individual settings for each of the networks by clicking on their name. This will open a drop down where you will have different settings, depending on what network you have chosen.

​With each of the networks you will have the option ​to ​change the label of the button. The below example is displayed if you click on "Facebook". Just delete the current label, replace it with the label you want on the button for the respective network and then, click on "Apply":

However, if you click on another network, for instance on "Twitter", you can also use the specific settings this has. For e.g., you will be able to complete the text that will be tweeted ​your page is shared on Twitter:

Moreover, you can rearrange the buttons by hovering your mouse over the dotted line to the left of their name and then, drag & drop them to the desired position.

Custom Share & Share Count

Both of these options can be activated in the same way: by clicking on the switch next to them:

The "Custom Share URL" option is useful in case you want your users to share another URL (a different page or a different website), instead of the page that the social share buttons are displayed on. In order to do this, after activating the option, complete the field that appears with the URL of your choice:

Moreover, after activating the "Show share count" option, another field opens, the "Greater Than" field, where you can enter a number.

This will mean that the count next to the icons will only be shown, if your content has been shared at least as many times as the number you set here:

Note: Please keep in mind, that in the case of the Facebook social share button, the "Share Count" option will only work properly, if you also have a Facebook API connection set up on your website. This connection between your Facebook and your Thrive account is needed for the share count to display the correct number of shares.

After you are done using these options, there are a few other more general options also available that you can use to further customize the social share buttons.

If you need additional information about the general options, or about how other Thrive elements work, please follow this link.

Hopefully, this article was useful for you. If so, please give us a smile below :)

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