The 'Content Reveal' element is useful if you want to show elements/parts of your page to users, only after a certain period of time.

How does this work?

As with all the other elements, the first thing to do it to drag & drop the 'Content Reveal' element to your page.

Then, you have to drag and place the element(s) that you wish to display inside the 'Content Reveal' element. This could be any element you want: a video, a button, certain texts or images, depending on your goal.

Content Reveal Options

Adjust the time

Next, you need to access the options of the element to adjust them to your liking. Most importantly, here, you are able to set after what amount of time you wish the content to be revealed to your users.

You can either use the slider under the option to adjust the time, or enter/adjust the minutes and seconds manually in the specific boxes next to the slider.

Auto-scroll to content when revealed

Enabling this option is useful if you have a page with a lot of content on it and you used the 'Content reveal' element on a lower part of the page, where users should scroll down to see it.

This will automatically scroll the page down to the content you wanted to reveal, after the time that you have set for it, without the users having to scroll down to see it.

Note: Use this option carefully. In case you have important information at the upper part of your page that your users start to read, it would be a shame if they would be automatically redirected to the 'Content reveal' element, without having enough time to finish reading.

Redirect to URL

This option allows you to redirect your visitors to a different page when the 'Content Reveal' element is in action. This means that right after the 'Content Reveal' appears, your users are redirected to the URL that you have entered in this field.

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