Guarantee boxes are commonly used for sales pages to help lower the risk for the buyer of the product. Typically, they come in the form of a money-back or quality guarantee.

Here's an example guarantee element built with Thrive Architect:

Apart from the information found in the article, you can also follow the instructions from the following video tutorial:

Add the Element to the Post/Page

The guarantee box element can be found on the sidebar editor in Thrive Architect.

In order to add it to your editor, click on the plus sign from the right sidebar:

This will open a list with all the Thrive Architect elements. Look for the "Guarantee Box" element, or type its name in the search bar:

Afterward, simply drag and drop the element where you want it to be placed on the post or page you are editing.

After the element has been dropped on the page, a pop-up will automatically open, and you will be given a list of templates that you can choose for the guarantee box:

Scroll down to see all the options, and simply click on the one you want to choose. It will automatically be applied to the element.

Choose the Template

If you have changed your mind regarding the chosen template, you can always pick another one, from the first section of the left sidebar options:

Then, the same pop-up as the one mentioned above will open:

Note: If you want to replace the template, make sure you do this before adding any content or customize the existing content of the “Guarantee Box” element. This is because, when changing the template, all the initial content and modifications will be lost.

Again, you can scroll down until you find the one that best fits. When you do, click on it in order to select it, and then click on the green "Replace Template" button:

The template will then be replaced.

Use the Main Options

As far as the other options of the Guarantee Box are concerned, they are identical to the ones found in the Content Box. Don't forget to check out all the tutorials for the options, in the Thrive Architect tutorials section!

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