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How Do I Log in to a Course After Purchase?
How Do I Log in to a Course After Purchase?

Learn how to access a Thrive Apprentice course after it has been purchased

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If you already bought a course in the form of a SendOwl product, then you have already used the Registration page of the respective product, and you do not need to use it again to log in.

There are two ways you can access the course again after you have purchased it:

1. Access the course directly

If you have got the direct link to the course, then you should access it directly. There, you will find the correct login form, where you can log in and have full access to the course:

2. Use the link from your email

Whenever you buy a course, in the form of a SendOwl product, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to the product you have bought.

Thus, you can click on this link anytime and you will be redirected to the course that you have bought, having full access to it.

Note: Please keep in mind, that the “Registration page” is only meant for people who have not bought the course yet. It does not work as a “Login page”.

In case the website owner provided you with the “Registration page” link and told you to use it to log in after purchase, please be so kind to let them know about the error message you encountered, and forward them this article.

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