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How Can I Offer a Partial Refund in SendOwl?
How Can I Offer a Partial Refund in SendOwl?

Read this article to find out how to offer a partial refund in SendOwl

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If you have set up your Thrive Apprentice course as a SendOwl product that can be purchased and you want to offer a customer, who bought it, a partial refund, follow these steps:

Note: Before setting up the partial refund, please make sure that you have the “Refund Issued” web hook created in your SendOwl account, otherwise the refund process will not work.

If you need information on how to set up web hooks, please check out this article.

Access the order

Go to your SendOwl dashboard and click on “Orders” from the right sidebar:

You will see a list of every order for your products. Look for the particular order that represents the customer buying your course. Make sure the “Buyer” is the customer you want to offer the partial refund to.

Then click on the “Order ID” to access the order:

Set up the Partial Refund

When the order is opened, below every detail about it, you will see three options: Revoke Access, Issue a refund, Delete Order. Click on the “Issue a refund” button:

There are two things you will have to do on the “Refund Order” page that opened:

Refund Amount:

You will see a box in the “Refund Amount” section. By default, the full price of the product will be completed here.

Since you only want to offer a partial refund, delete the full price from here and replace it with the amount of refund that you want to give to the customer.


Finally, when you have set up the “Refund Amount”, click on the “Refund” button in order to issue the partial refund for the customer.

Once this is done, the partial refund will be issued and the customer will receive a notification email about it. After the partial refund is issued, the customer will still have access to the course, their access will not be lost.

Note: In case you want to offer a full refund to a customer, the process is almost exactly the same as described above. The only difference is that in the case of a full refund, you will have to leave the full price in the “Refund Amount” section.

Also, please keep in mind that if you offer a full refund to a customer, then they will lose access to the refunded product.

In case you need further information on how Thrive Apprentice and SendOwl work together, please look through this knowledge base section.

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