If you have both Thrive Apprentice and MemberPress installed on your website, you're in luck! The MemberPress plugin can now be used to set up protection options for your Thrive Apprentice courses.

Where is the feature found?

First, go to your Thrive Apprentice dashboard and access your course. Then, open the "Access restrictions" tab from the course page:

The next step is to activate the "Restrict access" option and set up the content that will be displayed for the guests and users who are trying to access the course:

You can read more about how to set up these options in this article.

Then, in order to add a restriction rule, you need to scroll to the bottom part of the page where you can see a list of plugins/connections that are available on your site.

Look for "MemberPress" and when you found it, click on it:

This will open a section where you can find the MemberPress protection options:

How does this work

As you can see, you will have one or more MemberPress Membership Levels in this section. This option will determine how much access your user will have to your courses. The Membership Level entries are imported straight from the MemberPress plugin.

You will have to select the levels that you want to use to protect this course. This means that the users will have to have the levels you select here in order to be able to access the course.

How to set up Membership Levels

To set up these levels, you have to access MemberPress > Memberships:

Then, to add a new membership level, simply click on "Add New":

Moving forward, you will be able to give your new membership level a name (for internal use), as well as set all of its details and features.

Once you have done that, you can access the "Restrict access" feature for the course again and the newly added levels will appear in the MemberPress restriction rule section.

If you want to learn more about how you can set up the MemberPress Membership Levels and other features found in the plugin, don't forget to check out the MemberPress Tutorials.

How to add the restriction rule and go on

Now, in order to add the restriction rule for MemberPress, select the membership level you want to protect the course with, as mentioned above:

Furthermore, after adding the rule, you will have to set up the other, general restrictions for the course.

In the same "Acess restrictions" tab, you will have the basic Thrive Apprentice restriction options: the exclusions, the "Message for users that do not have access" and the label for the restrictions.


In this section, you can choose to exclude one or more lessons from the restriction rules. This means that if you enter a number here (you can either enter it manually or use the up and down arrows to set it), that number of lessons will be available for the users.

Thus, they will be able to access those lessons without having the MemberPress Membership Levels you have protected the course with:

This is optional, so you can also leave the number of excluded lessons on 0. In that case, your whole course will be protected and people will need to have the MemberPress Membership Levels to be able to access it.

Restriction label

This option allows you to add different restriction labels to your courses. If you open the drop-down of this option, you will be able to select a label from here or add a new one.

In order to add a new label you just simply have to open the label drop-down list:

Then click on "Add Label":

Name the label and pick a color from the color field next to the text field, and then click on "Save Label":

After you have set up every restriction option, all you have left to do is to click on the "Save" button from the bottom right corner of the page. This way your restriction settings will be saved and your course will be protected with MemberPress:

If you want to find out more about Thrive Apprentice features and options, check out our knowledge base.

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