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Products Cannot be Installed With the Thrive Product Manager – What to Do?
Products Cannot be Installed With the Thrive Product Manager – What to Do?

Find out what situations might cause errors when you are trying to install products with the Thrive Product Manager and how to solve them

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It might happen that an error occurs when you want to install your products with the Thrive Product Manager.

You will see either an error or a warning message, saying that something went wrong and the products could not be installed on your website.

There can be multiple causes behind this issue. Please consult the details below to see what they are and what the solution for them is:

1. Server limitations


The error or warning message might occur because of the limitations/restrictions of your web hosting. This means that because of the server limitations, the process of installing the products cannot be completed.


Contact the company that provides your web hosting and ask them to increase your server limitations. You will need to ask them to make the necessary changes in order to have the following:

Max Execution Time: between 90 and 120

WordPress Max Upload Limit: either 64 or 128 Mb

Once they make these adjustments, you can go back to the Thrive Product Manager and try installing your products again.

Please check out this article if you need help finding out what server limitations of your site are.

2. cURL is disabled or restricted


The above-mentioned message might also appear if you have the cURL and it is disabled or restricted on your WordPress-based website. This can prevent the successful installation of your products. Since the cURL is a tool for transferring data, having it enabled is essential for the installation process.


Get in touch with your hosting company to make sure that the cURL is enabled and it has no restrictions. After you get confirmation about these, you can try the installation of your products again. If this was the issue then, the installation should work properly now.

3. The licensing server’s IP address is not whitelisted


It is possible that the error during the installation of your products appeared because your server is blocking requests from the licensing server.


In this case, you should ask the company that provides your web hosting to whitelist the licensing server's IP address:

This will ensure that product licensing and template cloud work properly.

However, if you have tried all of them and the issue with the installation persists, then, please contact our support team by opening a support conversation.

A member of our support team will happily assist you as soon as possible. To make the troubleshooting process easier, please specify the steps you have already taken to solve this issue.

Hopefully, this article was useful for you. If so, please give us a smile below :)

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