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Editor Not Displaying & Conflict With Autoptimize Plugin
Editor Not Displaying & Conflict With Autoptimize Plugin

This article will help you understand why the Autoptimize plugin might cause conflicts with our plugins and how you can fix them

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Autoptimize is a caching plugin that can cause a conflict with any of our plugins that contain the Thrive Architect editor (at the time of writing this is Thrive Leads, Thrive Architect, Thrive Ultimatum, Thrive Quiz Builder, and Thrive Apprentice).

​The Problem

The problem is caused by the Autoptimize javascript optimization. When trying to open the editor, the Thrive Architect sidebar control panel doesn't display making editing impossible.

​The Solution

The solution is to change the Autoptimize settings so that it doesn't optimize the Thrive Architect javascripts when editing.

Go to Settings -> Autoptimize​

Add "editor.min.js" to the list of scripts to not optimize:-

You can then click the button "Save changes & Empty Cache"

You will then be able to go ahead and edit your content without any issues!

A Note About Performance

This will not affect the performance of the front end of your site. The script "editor.min.js" is one of our scripts that is only loaded when editing content in the back end of the site.​

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