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How are Bugs and Feature Requests Logged and Released?
How are Bugs and Feature Requests Logged and Released?

What happens to the submitted bugs and feature requests?

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Sometimes your support request may help us to realize that there's a bug in the software that needs fixing. In this case, the following process occurs:​

  1. A technical support member will log a bug on the support board

  2. The bug will appear ready to be reviewed by a developer​

  3. Our developers regularly patrol the support board to see any new bugs that have been created

  4. The developer will then spend some time to understand the true nature of the bug, how long it will take to fix and when the release can be made

  5. Information about how the bug will be handled is added to the ticket, ready for the support member to pick this information up

  6. One of our technical support team will then send this information back to you.

Feature Requests

Feature requests are also logged, except they take a different path. Feature requests go straight into a strategy board where they will be reviewed by the management team. We take certain factors into account when deciding which features to build and which to remain pending. This includes:

  • How many people have requested the feature

  • How many people will benefit from the feature

  • The cost: benefit ratio (is it a lot of work for little end-user reward, or the opposite?)

  • Our current workload (where does the feature request sit in terms of priority with other requested features and bug fixes).

Of course, we try and deliver as many updates and new features as possible, but it's simply not possible to build everything. We promise that every feature request is logged, will be subject to review and we will endeavor to improve our software as best we can over time.

API Integration Requests

Requests that concern API integrations are logged and handled in another way. You can log API integration requests directly by accessing and completing this form. (Please bear in mind that the form can be filled once per Google account.)

A report is made each month that sums up the API integration requests. After this, the management team discusses and considers building the most requested integrations.

Release Schedule

Our current release schedule is once every three weeks, on a Wednesday.

Usually, bugs will be fixed ready for the next release. On rare occasions, it may be that the bug has been revealed too close to the next release date and therefore it will have to be pushed back to the next release.

Feature requests often are more complex and vary wildly in terms of development time and delivery. Some features can be coded quickly, ready for the next release, others may take months and some will never be developed.​

We always do our best to i) Prioritise bug fixing over feature requests - we have a "fix bugs first policy" and ii) keep you up-to-date about the status of bugs and feature requests.

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