In order to assess how well the team as a whole and how well certain team members are performing in the support forum, we've added a feedback system.

At the bottom of each reply there are two buttons: "This is useful" and "This post solved my problem":

Clicking either of these buttons will add points to the score of the team member that helped you.

These points ratings are useful for us to see which team members are being the most helpful and for understanding how best to provide excellent customer service for you:

A chart showing the points that have been accumulated by Thrive Themes staff members. This is how we can see whether we're doing a good job or not. Please consider using the buttons to help us with this - Thank you!

If you receive good customer service that is useful or solves your problem, then please consider using these buttons to attribute to the Thrive team member in question. It's simply a matter of clicking on these buttons once to register the points.

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