When you create a support ticket, your request will be added to a queue of open tickets in a view that's visible only to Thrive support staff.

This is what the queue looks like:

The board contains all open support tickets across the entire forum viewable in one place so that our support technicians can quickly and easily run through all the requests.

How Are Tickets Ordered?

‚ÄčAll support requests are ordered by chronologically with what we call the "Customer First Response Time". This is the time that the first support request is raised by the customer.

Here's how this works:

If a customer raises a support ticket - the customer first response time is set. If the customer then replies to the same ticket before a Thrive Team member has taken a look then the customer first response time doesn't change....It remains as the time of the original request.

All tickets are ordered based on the first reply chronologically in order of oldest first. This means that it's not possible to "bump" threads to the top of the support list.

It also means that if a further reply is added to a topic that is already waiting for support help, then the ticket won't be pushed down the queue with the new reply.

We've built the system like this so that the older tickets have top priority and are handled before any others. Along with our "no ticket left behind" policy, we aim to ensure that all our customers receive great, timely customer service.

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