You can get product support for all of the Thrive products, in our Support Forums.

To raise a ticket,​ you should choose the right forum for your support request. For instance, if you need support with Thrive Architect​, then you would choose the Thrive Architect plugin from the forum:

This will take you to a view where you can see all the support threads. Simply click on the "Create new support request" ​option from the upper part of the page:

Or you can also find the same ​option at the bottom of the page:

Before opening a ticket, ​make sure you search through our Knowledge Base ​to see whether or not you can find a solution without needing technical help.

You can do this by ​using the new section that appeared after you have clicked on either of the "Create new support ticket" options:

If you cannot find the answer to the problem you can select the link that says "I have searched but I can't find the answer" and that will get you to the next step.

You can then create your support request by adding:

  1. A title or a short description of the issue you are encountering;
  2. An in-depth description of the issue (if possible, you can add screenshots or explanatory screen-casting videos in the message, for a better understanding of the situation);
  3. Tags - In this way, your ticket can be easily found by typing in these words in the search field.

Enter the Site Details


As you scroll down the Support request form, you will see the "Site Details" section. These details are very important, especially if a support member will need to access your website to check for conflicts, add custom scripts, and so on.

​Thus, you can add:

  1. The URL of your WordPress website (example:
  2. The username which you use when you log into your website
  3. The password you use for that username
  4. The URL of a specific page where the problem occurs (example: if a button isn't displayed on a certain page, you can give us the URL of the page where the button should appear)

Notice that you also have an option through which you can give us permission to deactivate plugins/themes. You can find a detailed explanation about this option, if you click on the "What does this mean?" link:

Any site details that you add will ONLY be viewable by the Thrive Themes support staff members - Your details are safe. This will NOT be viewable by anyone else in the forum. We still recommend, however, that you create a temporary WordPress account that you can delete once the issue is resolved.

You might also need to add FTP details in this section, if the support members will ask you for them - Find out how to add them properly, here.

Once you've submitted your ticket, hang tight, because we will be in touch shortly to fix any issues that you have!

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