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How to Give the Support Team Access for Debugging
How to Give the Support Team Access for Debugging
Learn how you can give us access to your site in order to help you and solve any issues you have encountered.
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If you've opened a support conversation with our support team, you can offer our team access to your site, so that it will be easier for them to provide a solution to your problem.

If you want to find out how to open a conversation, please read this article first. After choosing to open a conversation, you will see this section, above the chat window:

You can choose to allow site access, as well as to add FTP details.

Allowing site access means that you will generate a support token, and then insert it into the "Allow site access" section.

Adding FTP details will help us fix a problem that occurs on your WordPress website. This way, using the FTP details, we can log into your server and fix the issue.

Also, we can use these details to upload files that cannot be uploaded directly through your WordPress website.

Allow site access

If you want to allow site access to our team, you will first need to generate an access token.

Generate an access token

To generate such a token, from your WordPress admin dashboard, click on "Thrive Dashboard" in the left sidebar:

On the top right side of the page that opens, you will see the "Support Login" section. Click on it:

A pop-up window will open. Generating an access token will give our team temporary access to your site, so make sure to set the number of days that you want to give access for by changing the number in this field:

After setting the number of days, click on "Go":

Your access token will be generated, and you can click on the green "Copy & Close" button to copy it to your clipboard and close this window:

Now that the token has been copied, you can go back to the support conversation that you have opened, and insert the token.

Add the token into the 'Allow site access' section

Above the chat window, you'll see the section mentioned at the beginning of this article. Click on the "Allow site access" option:

In the pop-up that opens, feel free to insert the token that you have previously copied from your Thrive Dashboard:

Once you've inserted the token, click on "Add support token":

You will see the "Token is saved" success notification and that's it! Now our support team has access to your site and can look into the issue you are experiencing.

Add FTP Details

The FTP details consist of a server address, a username, and a password. For example, in the FileZilla program the FTP fields will have the following structure:

Usually, the safest and the fastest way to find your FTP details is by contacting your web hosting provider and ask them for the FTP details of your website. Once you get a hold of your FTP details, click on the "Add FTP Details" section, right above the conversation window:

Then, in the pop-up that opens, fill in all these fields with the necessary information:

After you add your information, click on the "Add FTP Details" button:

You will then be able to see the provided details in the "Available FTPs" section of the same pop-up:

You will also be able to edit or delete the details, using the options under the "Actions" section:

When you're done editing the FTP details, you can click on "Finish", to go back to the chat window:

If for whichever reason, you are not able to add your details from the above-mentioned sections, you can do that from the Member Dashboard of our site:

  • from the right sidebar, access "My Account & Installations":

  • look for the "Add Your Site Details" section and click on "Add Site":

  • a pop-up will open, where you can add a temporary login account that our team can use and look for the issue on your website:

These are the ways in which you can allow access to your site, in order for the support team to be able to provide a solution to the problems you have encountered.

If you need more information about Thrive Themes and all of the available products and features, make sure to check out our knowledge base.

Hopefully, this article was useful for you. If so, please give it a smile below :)

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