You can easily create a purchasing process for your courses, if you create a link between Thrive Apprentice and SendOwl.

Naturally, besides having Thrive Apprentice, you will need to have a SendOwl account as well, in order to do this. Once you have both of these, you can start by establishing an API connection between them.

Setting up the API connection between Thrive Apprentice and your SendOwl account consists of two parts.

1. Set up the API Connection with SendOwl

Get the API keys from your SendOwl account

This is the first step toward creating the link between Thrive Apprentice and your SendOwl account. Go to your SendOwl account and select the “Settings” item from the menu that is in the left sidebar:

Then, look for the “API” in the “Advanced” part of the “Settings” page and click on it:

On the page that opens, you will see all the API keys that you have added in your account so far. If you haven’t added any API keys for the connection with Thrive Apprentice yet, then, click on the “Add API key” button:

You can add the API key in the pop-up that opens. First give it a name, by typing it in the “Name” field and then, set the right permissions for this API.

In our case, this means selecting the "Manager" checkbox. You will see that checking this box, will also select all the other permission types as well.

After you are done, click on “Add API key” button from this pop-up and the API key will be added to the list.

Now, you will have to copy “Key” and the “Secret” for the API key that you have added to the “API keys” section:

Note: In order to see and copy the “API Secret”, you will have to first click on “Click to Reveal”.

Add the API keys to the “Thrive API Connections”

The next step is to go to your WordPress admin dashboard and click on the “Thrive Dashboard” from the left-side menu:

Then, in the Thrive Dashboard, scroll down a bit to see the “API Connections” card and click on the “Manage Connections” button from it:

You will see a list with the active connections that you have already set up. Look for the “Add new Connection” section and click on it:

Then, click on the down arrow to open the “Select an app” drop-down:

Start typing “SendOwl” or scroll down to see “SendOwl” in the drop-down and once you found it, click on it:

You will see the two fields where you can enter the "API key" and the "API Secret" that you have previously copied from your SendOwl dashboard. Paste them in these corresponding fields and click on “Connect”:

After you have done all this, in a few second the API connection will be ready to use:

2. Set up the API Account Keys (Signing keys) in the Integration Settings

After you have created the API connection between your SendOwl account and Thrive Apprentice, there is a second part that you have to set up, in order for the link between them to work properly.

You need to insert your SendOwl API Account Keys (Signing keys) in the "Integration Settings" of Thrive Apprentice. This way you will make sure the incoming payments are registered and the orders you receive are valid.

Get the API Account Keys

Go back to your SendOwl dashboard and select the “Settings” item again from the left side menu:

Then, just as before, look for the “API” in the “Advanced” part of the “Settings” page and click on it:

Once there, you will see the “Account Keys” section. Copy the API Account Keys (Signing keys), which can be found in the “Key” and the “Secret” columns.

Please keep in mind that in the case of the "Secret Account Key" you need to click on “Click to reveal” to be able to copy it.

Use the API Account Keys for the Integration Settings

Once you have the API Account Keys (Signing keys), go to your Thrive Apprentice dashboard. You can find it if you hover over the Thrive Dashboard and click on “Thrive Apprentice”:

Then, click on the “Settings” section from the upper right corner of the Thrive Apprentice dashboard:

Once the “Settings” drop down is opened, select the “SendOwl Settings” from it:

In the “SendOwl Settings” page look for the “Integration Settings” section and click on the “Integrate with SendOwl” button:

You will see that the first section of the "Integration Settings" contains two fields where you can enter the API Account Keys (Signing keys):

Paste the keys that you have previously copied from your SendOwl account, into the corresponding fields here and click on “Save Keys”.

Important! Please make sure that the keys you copy here are the correct ones, having the correct format as well, because we cannot check them.

After you have saved these keys the connection between Thrive Apprentice and your SendOwl account should be established properly.

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