The user interface of the "Lead Generation" element has been upgraded! Please, check out the changes here, before using the element.

In this article you can find out how to connect the Thrive Themes Opt-in forms to the "SG Autorépondeur" email marketing system.

Apart from the information found in this article, below you can find a video tutorial that will walk you through the process. Also, for a more in-depth look you can check out this blog post.

Finding the Member ID & API Key

First of all, you will need to access the WordPress Admin Dashboard, so basically the back-end of your website, and then select the Thrive Dashboard:

Then, look for the "API Connections" card, and click on "Manage Connections":

On this page, all of the possible API integrations will be listed. What you will have to do is add a new connection:

Then, in the drop down, you can either search, or scroll down and look for the "SG Autorépondeur" option:

By selecting the option, two fields will show up that you will need to fill in, in order to be able to connect to the service:

In order to get a hold of the two pieces of information, you need to access the SG Autorépondeur website and log into your account.

Once you've logged in, on the SG Dashboard, look for the Member ID, on the left hand sidebar, next to your avatar:

Simply copy the ID and paste it in the "Member ID" field, in the area mentioned above.

Moving forward, you need to look for the API Key. In order to find it, select the "Mon Compte" option, which is right below the ID, on the sidebar:

Once you've clicked it, select the "Autres Options" button, which shows up:

On the newly opened page, select the "Informations administratives" entry and select and copy the highlighted code:

Then, paste it into the API Key field, in the area mentioned above.

Once both the "Member ID" and the "API Key" fields are filled in, you can go on and click on "Connect":

After you receive this success message, you can go on and connect your Opt-in form to SG Autorépondeur. You can find out how to do that by clicking on the "See how it's done" text from the success message.

Connecting Your Opt-in Form to SG Autorépondeur

For this step, you can either use a Thrive Leads form or, the Lead Generation element, if you're using the Thrive Architect (or the TAr-like editor found in the other plugins as well).

In order to start setting up your connection, you need to click on the fields of the Opt-in form, so that the "Lead Generation" options can show up on the sidebar editor. Then, select the "Connect with Service" option:

Moving forward, you will need to select SG Autorépondeur:

Moving forward, you can set to which of your mailing lists you want to register the users that sign up on this particular Opt-in form:

Then, you can click on "Continue" and move on to the next step, where you will be able to set up basic aspects regarding the fields that will show up on your opt-in form (placeholder text, required or not, as well as adding / removing a field):

  • Keep in mind the fact that, by selecting the "API Connection" option, you will be able to only use these fields: Name, Email and Phone Number, as long as they are also supported by the selected mailing service.

The next step is to determine what happens after the user has opted-in: Set the Post Opt-in Action:

After you have completed this step as well, your Opt-in form is connected to SG Autorépondeur and the users that will sign up will be registered in the mailing list you have selected.

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