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Why Can’t I Deactivate/Activate a License Use?
Why Can’t I Deactivate/Activate a License Use?
Find out why you might not be able to deactivate a license use from a website and activate it on another
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Before you start, please make sure that Thrive Product Manager is installed and activated, and that you're connected to your account.


The old licensing system did not have the option of deactivating a license installation/use from a website and activate it on another.

This was not possible because the old licensing system used the email address along with the license key for activation and it tracked the number of uses, not the websites themselves. Thus, it had no website tracking.

Therefore, if you have purchased and activated your license for Thrive Products with the old licensing system, then, the deactivate/activate license installations will not be available for you.

You will see that in the “Review active installs” section of your Member Dashboard there will be no activations for your license:​

What now?

Naturally, the new licensing system is available for those who activate their licenses using the new system.

Furthermore, even if before, you have used the old licensing system for some of your licenses, going forward the new system will be available for you too.

This means, that if you still have license installations/uses left, or you buy new license installations you will have the option of deactivating licenses from one website and activating them on another.

But remember, this is available only for the licenses that were not activated with the old system.

So, all you have left to do is to install the Thrive Product Manager and then, use the deactivate/activate feature for the licenses that this feature is available for.

If you need more info on how the Thrive Product Manager works, please check out this tutorial.

If you still have questions regarding the above-mentioned matters or you encounter difficulties while trying to use the Thrive Product Manager, please contact our support team here. They will happily assist you!

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