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What Happens When I Cancel My Subscription?
What Happens When I Cancel My Subscription?
Check out this article and video to find out what happens if you cancel your Thrive Themes subscription
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Don’t want to continue your Thrive subscription year after year? Here’s what will happen if you cancel your subscription.

In this article, we’ll see:

What Happens After You Cancel a Subscription

Canceling a subscription can affect your license in two ways depending on the time remaining for it to expire.

Effect of Canceling an Active Subscription

If you cancel your subscription before it expires, you will continue to have access to the products and all privileges for the remaining period.

This means, that if you purchased in January, and you cancel your subscription in March, you can still continue using the products until January the next year.

Effect of Canceling an Expired Subscription

We’ve already seen that canceling a subscription does not affect an active subscription, but here’s what happens when it expires.

If your subscription expires, you’ll lose access to:

  • Updates and new features for installed products.

  • Product Manager to install and activate Thrive products.

  • Our Premium Templates.

  • Technical support from our team.

Any existing website content built with Thrive Suite plugins will not be changed/removed/deleted as a result of canceling your subscription. They will continue to function as they are.

However, this prevents you from accessing new features and can lead to potential security risks after the ongoing subscription expires. Please read our article on why you should update the Thrive plugins for more details.

Can I Resubscribe?

If you cancel your subscription, you will have to make a new purchase in order to access your account and use Thrive products on any new websites. You will also lose access to future updates and support after the license expires.

Important notes: You will no longer be locked in at the existing rate that you are currently paying if you purchase a new plan after cancellation.

If you have an active subscription, your renewal price will never change. You keep the same rate for as long as you choose to keep your subscription active. This won’t be applicable if you cancel your subscription.

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