Here's a summary of what happens if you cancel your Thrive Themes membership:

A summary of the important points:

  • Continued access for paid period - You will continue to have access, including all privileges, for any period that has already been paid for. For instance, if you signed up for our yearly plan and cancel after 6 months, then you will still have access until the membership expires after 12 months.
  • Unable to download the Product Manager - Once the membership expires you will no longer have access to download the Product Manager. This means that you cannot install all the products that you could have using the Product Manager. This includes existing products and any new products that we release.
  • No longer able to access support - You will also no longer be able to access and get support from the support forum. We won't be able to provide any technical support for Thrive products.
  • Continue to receive updates for installed products - You will continue to receive updates for plugins that have already been installed on your site. For instance, if you have Thrive Architect installed on one of your web sites, then you will continue to be able to update that plugin from within your WordPress dashboard
  • Product Manager no longer works - You will no longer be able to download or use your Product Manager to install and activate any of the products from the membership
  • Existing content/software still works - Any existing content built with Thrive tools / Thrive software that you have on your sites will not be changed / removed / deleted as a result of cancelling your membership. They will continue to function and you will continue to receive updates through the WordPress dashboard.

Becoming a Member at a Later Date (Resubscribing)

Here's something really important: if you cancel your membership and wish to sign up again at a later date, then you will no longer be locked in at the existing rate that you are currently paying.

Over time, the cost of the membership will inevitably increase as we add more products and value to our offering. As a member, your price will never change - we will lock you in at the price that you signed up for.

However, if you cancel and sign up again at a later date, you will need to pay the currently available price, which will never be lower but may be higher than your existing membership price.

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