In this knowledge base article, you can read the terms and conditions of the Thrive Suite Agency License, which we really recommend before you purchase.

  1. The Thrive Suite Agency License is NOT a resale, re-branding, PLR, or MRR license. You MAY NOT sell the themes or plugins directly and you cannot claim credit for them.​

  2. You may not sell any kind of service where Thrive Themes products are pre-installed. This includes hosting packages and things like WordPress setup services.

  3. You can use the themes to create websites that you built for clients as part of an extended service (i.e. the client gets more from you than just a theme installation).​

  4. You can sell websites that are using a Thrive Theme, without your buyer having to purchase a license of their own.

  5. The buyer cannot use the theme on any other site or transfer the theme from the original site, without getting a license of their own.​

  6. Your clients can use all the options in the themes and plugins, but they cannot transfer them to other sites, without getting a license of their own.​

  7. You cannot charge less for your service that includes Thrive products than those products cost (e.g. a site setup fiverr gig that includes a Thrive plugin installation is not allowed).

In the event of a breach, we reserve the right to cancel your account immediately without a refund.

If you have any further questions regarding this issue, don't hesitate to open a support conversation.

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