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Customization Requests – What We Can and Can’t Provide
Customization Requests – What We Can and Can’t Provide

Find out why it's difficult to provide customization requests, and why you should choose a suite of integrated tools for building a website

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We get a lot of requests in our support asking for tailored / bespoke customization on client sites and, while we'd love to fulfill all of them, we simply don't have the capacity to provide such customization as part of our customer support plan.

If you require specific changes to the look and feel of the products that we develop, or you need to extend the functionality, then it's recommended to find a third-party supplier that has a good level of understanding of our products.

Site customization isn't to be confused with bugs or help using our products - these types of support requests will always be looked at and actioned by our support team. Specifically, site customization means:

  1. Custom CSS changes (e.g "please modify the header of my site so that I can have a full-width background image")

  2. Extending the functionality of a product to meet specific requirements (e.g "Please extend Thrive Leads on my site to connect with service x")

Of course, we will do our best to help provide minor customization requests from time to time, but only on a best endeavors basis and after all other tickets have been taken care of. We also reserve the right to refuse the customization.​

Why Are We Doing This?

Previously, we provided site customization to our customers as part of the service.

However, this quickly got out of hand as we were being asked to completely redesign customer sites, something that would otherwise have cost a lot of money through a third-party supplier and took a huge amount of our development resource.

We battled to keep up with all the work for a while, but eventually, we realized that we simply don't have the capacity to regularly develop and build up our product range at the same time as handling so many customization requests.

Our goal here at Thrive Themes is to build the absolute best suite of integrated tools for people that want to make money with their websites. Customization requests were hampering our ability to deliver on this goal, and so we had to make the decision to say no.

How Do I Customise The Look and Feel of My Theme Myself?

Theme customization requires knowledge of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). We've created a tutorial video that covers the basics, here.

Learning CSS will enable you to change the look and feel of all aspects of your theme.

However, we came up with our own solution. Thrive Theme Builder is the tool for you, and it will change the way you customize a theme forever.

Here is our documentation for it, feel free to take a look, and get your Thrive Theme Builder licence here.

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